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Scanlon Manor

Scanlon Manor - welcoming your loved ones to the finest country living has to offer Scanlon Manor...

Prologue to becoming a caregiver

When your loved ones refuse support: prologue to becoming a caregiver by Dan Berg Before I became...

My name is Dan and I’m a caregiver

My name is Dan and this is part of my story, my life as it stands now… I am a caregiver to my...

Focus on services for seniors survey

Stonebridge Haven is currently conducting a market survey of local organizations that include...

Day Program accepting new participants

Tuesdays and Thursdays from
10AM to 3:30PM

Walking paths to enjoy….

The fall colors surround you as you walk the winding paths at Stonebridge Haven. Call us today to...
Immerse yourself in the beauty and peace of this oasis of calm when you sign up for one of our organized retreats, personal retreats or have us customize one to meet your needs.
Twice a week come eat, drink and be merry while enjoying a variety of activities in the warm and relaxed atmosphere of Stonebridge Haven’s Promise House.
We offer a variety of courses throughout the year including surviving and thriving as a caregiver, meditation, stress management, self-hypnosis, centering through creativity…
Let us help you explore and deepen your own personal spirituality.
We offer many complimentary services including FYB coaching, patient advocacy, hypnosis and NLP, short term caregiver respite, retreat planning, consulting…
Do you need a space for your meetings or retreats? The Promise House is the place for you with two spacious rooms, Wi-Fi, amazing views, walking paths in a woodland setting, and more.