In this time of Covish, slogging along as a caregiver to a vulnerable father-in-law, I remind myself regularly of just how blessed I am. I do this based on the model of what a Jewish son said his elderly mom always said whenever he complained about something. She would add “and I am so blessed” to the end of his sentence and encouraged him to do the same himself.

Of course by choosing a gratitude lens through which to consider our lot and situation we get a very different result than if we choose a depressed or overwhelmed lens. Gratitude gives us the opportunity to pick out different elements of the same situation. So, for the rest of this blog I am choosing gratitude as I look back over the medical care we have received while I have been slogging it out.

Our GP, Dr. Erin Jamieson, has made several house calls, despite the fact that her office and home in Carleton Place is 25 minutes away! She is driving close to an hour to deliver her high standard of care! And we are so blessed.

Earlier this year before the pandemic, my father-in-law was taken by ambulance to the Almonte Hospital for suspected pneumonia. He had x-rays, blood tests and compassionate, professional care and was home again a few hours later with the right diagnosis and medication so that his tired old body had the support it needed to recover from pneumonia. The right support at the right time all covered by our medical system! And we are so blessed.

He also recently broke a tooth and after a few days complained that his tongue was getting irritated by it. Our dentist, Dr. Tony Veale, was only seeing people once a week because of the pandemic, but his day was already full. Instead of making him wait a week, he took him the next day at a time convenient for us because he did not want a highly vulnerable client following others and breathing the same air and potentially being exposed to…who knows what. He buzzed the rough edges off the tooth and my father-in-law was good to go. Everything was sanitary, safe and warmly professional, very reassuring for all of us. And we are so blessed!

Originally written June 30, 2020

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