Your Hosts

Claire Marson

After an international career in performing arts management spanning 15 years, Claire spent close to a decade juggling working for the Department of Foreign Affairs and taking care of her father who had advanced Parkinson’s Disease and kidney failure. As such she understands firsthand the challenges caregivers face, the realities of patient advocacy, caregiver burnout, and how to resource these various needs. She is committed to helping others navigate the continuously changing stresses of daily life and not only survive, but thrive as a caregiver.

Owner and founding member of Stonebridge Haven, Claire is also a continuing survivor of PTSD and Complex PTSD (C-PTSD) and on a life-long healing journey. As such she has a unique perspective and understanding of the many facets of trauma. She is a Master NLP practitioner and Certified Consulting Hypnotist and also draws on energy work and empathic communication techniques.

Daniel F. Berg

Dan has also been a caregiver and is an expert in stress management, breath work, meditation and guided imagery, all grounded in his deep faith easily shared with those seeking comfort, inspiration or guidance.  After a successful career  that included working as a family and civil court mediator as well as running his own IT consulting business, he has returned to his roots of faith and spiritual healing. As Stonebridge Haven’s Spiritual Director and founding partner, he draws on his PhD in Psychoanalysis and Religion and his experience on many spiritual paths.

Dan is a Master NLP practitioner and Certified Consulting Hypnotist and also draws on energy work techniques. He is passionate and committed to his work with those on their transformational journeys, guiding them along the path that takes sensitive souls through their own wounds and into becoming the gift they were created to be.

Jane Scanlon

Jane feels blessed to be part of the Stonebridge Haven team, alongside her husband Dan and working with her good friend Claire. Stonebridge Haven has been a key part of her own personal journey, a place where people from many walks of life have been authentically engaged and supported through the many gifts this thin place has to offer.

Her  highly successful career in stewardship development has given her a deep insight into how people respond to their environment. Her degree in psychology and religious studies along with her training as a Master NLP practitioner and Certified Consulting Hypnotist allows her to focus on assisting others with their core transformational work.

Jane (using her married name Esther Berg in her artistic calling), is also artist-in-residence at Stonebridge Haven. She brings her unique artistic sensitivity to everything she does and explores art as a contemplative, spiritual practice, believing that something wondrously mysterious happens in the creative process. Even in the most commonplace things she sees an incredible radiance.

She hopes that through her art she can guide people to a space where they can be contemplative and explore the meaning of their experiences with empathy and compassion – whatever comes to mind – whether joyful or painful, in need of celebration or transformative healing.

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