About Stonebridge Haven


Nestled in the Pakenham countryside along the Mississippi River, Stonebridge Haven is a refuge from the hectic pace of everyday life. Though Covid-19 has changed so much, soon we hope to be able to offer again in person courses, retreats, patient advocacy, coaching and spiritual direction, along with walking paths, contemplation benches, joyful dogs and more!

At Stonebridge Haven we are a community of compassionate healers and caregivers and we believe that life is about finding balance. Though from time to time we are all ruled by the tyranny of the urgent, unless there is balance it is so easy for things to unravel. We also recognize that we are all individuals and that balance can mean something very different from one person to another. We celebrate that difference and try to find common ground so that everyone can find their unique balance.

That balance is especially important when you are a caregiver looking after a loved one. We know first hand the daily pressures that often interfere with leading a full and productive and nourishing life while being a carer. In 2018 Statistics Canada reported that 7.8 million Canadians were caregivers, that is over 20 percent of Canadians and of those, 6.1 million were still juggling working outside of the home. Did we mention balance? Do you know a caregiver who needs help? Are you a caregiver yourself?

That is why we have designed a line of FYB services from courses and patient advocacy to retreats and coaching. We want to help you navigate the complications of being a caregiver and Find Your Balance!



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