Spiritual Direction


hazy-crossLet us help you explore and deepen your own personal spirituality.

We are uniquely fashioned – just as snowflakes we are each created special and so there is no one size fits all in how we relate to God, the universe, our deepest selves or each other. Yet we all participate in the one human experience of living and dying on this planet, our island home. Awakening happens often with the support of others who have journeyed far on their spiritual quest and within a context where the busyness of life does not intrude.


You can deepen your spiritual journey in many ways at Stonebridge Haven including self-directed retreats with our support, our organised retreats or programs, faith based blogs and writings and one on one or group personal spiritual direction sessions. Come join us at Stonebridge Haven, a thin place, an oasis of calm in which insight arises easily.

For more information or to book a consultation, please contact us directly.

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