Support for Seniors

Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors emphasizes independence, activity and good health. The report states “Seniors have contributed to our growth and prosperity and continue to help build our communities and drive our economy. We have heard from seniors that they want to be recognized for these contributions, and treated as important members of society…

We want Ontario seniors to feel safe and supported, and to remain healthy and independent for as long as possible. We want them to remain active and engaged wherever possible, so they can continue to achieve excellence as they grow older. With the right plan in place, one that includes supports for caregivers and families, seniors can have all of these things.”

At Stonebridge Haven we believe there is a gap in the non-medical care of seniors between when they are independent enough to take care of themselves and when they need the full support offered by a long-term care facility. This gap shows up when a senior’s natural declining approach to managing themselves is no longer adequate to ensure their safety and well-being. When small things start to happen or fall by the wayside, they begin to need more support to maintain the independence they can safely manage.

Typically, friends, neighbours and family members become involved when this gap starts to manifest, checking in with them, helping with groceries, medical appointments, maintenance… However too often available supports are only called upon once there is a crisis or emergency, most often a health crisis. It is very traumatic for a senior to find themselves suddenly in hospital and then told by staff there that they can no longer go back  to what they perceived as the status quo, even once the health crisis has been “officially” dealt with. It is a challenge for all involved, including family and friends as everyone tries to navigate the new evolving normal.

There are many forms of community outreach and services that have sprung up in response to these needs, everything from patient advocacy, rehabilitation day programs, adult day programs and friendly visiting programs to support in making financial, legal and medical decisions  or providing rides, meals, repair services and other forms of caregiver support.

Here at Stonebridge Haven in Pakenham, we saw the need for helping people be better prepared through patient advocacy and compassionate coaching. We want to help address this gap and complement the services provided through the Ontario government.

For more information on some of the government services available in this area, please check out this reference:

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