Last week together they decided that they did not want the new PSW’s attention and asked to have her sent home. I was unable to do anything about it and had to let it go. The problem was that I had not cued them about the new PSW coming and although I arranged to be there when she arrived, I got that crossed up as well so that I only arrived after she had been talking to him at the door for a while. He was not happy and never shifted from that position. She was tired and not wanting to do anything but painfully embarrassed because of how rude they were being to this nice lady. It was a SNAFU!

So, how to prevent SNAFUs like this in the future. One: always tell them who is coming, as well as when and what the benefits are of the visit today. Two: have a sheet with the day’s activities on it so that he sees it first thing in the morning and can orient himself and his wife.

As it is, despite me cueing him a number of times this week about the benefits of her ladies in waiting attending on her each day, he is complaining more often about how much they are around and for how long.

The sheet might look something like this:
– Brenda is arriving at 10 am and staying till 2:45.
– This is bath day and he gets a break day because Brenda will do everything – laundry, make bed, make smoothies and ensure that she drinks it, make lunch, entertain whoever needs entertaining.
– Good day to pick up newspapers and mail and enjoy some private reading time.

It would be in point form but have the right spin so that we have a better chance of a happy, smooth day.

I’ll let you know how it works out…


Originally written July 5, 2018



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