He is always taking the lead, but occasionally stumbles over his reactivity to being told what to do. Today’s issue was support socks. She has been wearing them for years but he has only newly got a prescription and the socks. He wore them once and hasn’t since.

So, I asked him about it and he claimed his ankles and feet were fine. He wanted to compare them to mine – and despite how much thicker and puffier his were (I also retain a bit of fluid due to my blood pressure meds) he kept insisting they were fine. This time I was able to “logic” his dementia with the reasonableness of my arguments: She had got an infection from blood pooling in her feet and he had a minor scratch which had taken for ever to heal with twice a week wound care, due in part to how swollen his lower legs were. The “winning” argument however was her beating him up for not wearing his support socks when she had been faithfully wearing hers for years now. Allemande Right it is! 😊

To date, thank God, they usually balance each other out when it comes to the deleterious effects of their double dementia.

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