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Dan’s Blog #26: When we get upset

            When we get upset, as we must from time to time, what is going on and what should we do? You see what you say and do when you are stirred up can have consequences and ramifications for a long time if you are unwise. Wisdom is...

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Dan’s Blog #25: Waves crashing over me

          It started a week or two ago but it is happening more often lately. These waves come crashing over me. I will have been busy doing something and when I finally stop, up out of my chest comes this wave that just crashes over me. It is...

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Dan’s Blog #23: Care management during palliative care

          I tell you, while I am so blessed by having so much help, wow, the effort to co-ordinate it is not insignificant! I now routinely have four different ladies in waiting taking care of HRH. I have government provided PSWs three hours a...

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Dan’s Blog #21: Screams of terror

            My Mom has pretty advanced Alzheimer's and is completely terrified when it comes time to get her up, clean her up or put her to bed. I experienced this first hand when I helped the nurse put her to bed. She screamed and...

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Dan’s Blog #18: The sadness and loss in this house

          I walked into my in-law's suite last evening to find her lying in bed babbling and waving her arms to something only she could hear. And he, with his hearing loss, was leaning towards her from his seat on the couch for a sip of...

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Dan’s Blog #17: Getting on the palliative care train.

            At first, the decision to take the Palliative Care Train seems like a relief as you are no longer striving to get places but allowing yourself to be carried more by the "natural" impetus of your loved one. Up to this point we...

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